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Angels of Awakening Process 2 ~ Archangel Michael ~ Release

Release & Detoxification of your issues

The Angels of Awakening Ascension Process has been revised. We have streamlined the workshops to follow a pathway of raising your vibration and consciousness, whilst building on what we have achieved so far. We invite the Angels of Awakening and the Archangels to facilitate your journey of awakening.

Release & Detoxification  of your life and  your issues with the Angels of Awakening and Archangel Michael; learn how to clear your space, body and relationships. Whether it is excess weight, negativity, grief, toxins from addictions even chocolate, get rid of it with help from the Angels. Quicken and accelerate with breathe work, diet & exercise tips and energetic release. This will be a cleansing of the elements & directions, enlightening, reconnecting, re-establishing and strengthening the auric field to open, receive, have faith and trust in Mother/ Father God and the Universal Divine within.

Recommended as a precursor for the Prosper the AoA Way to clear your Pathways to Abundant Prosperity and the AOA Ascension Process, and Suitable for all those feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just emotionally full up.
This two day workshop that can be repeated as often as you wish, each time deepening the cleansing of your karmic body.
10:30am – 5.30pm
The investment is £200
Facilitated by Daisy Foss, the creator of Angels of Awakening Ascension Process.
The price for this two day workshop is £200 ~
Bed and Breakfast is optional at the Daisy Centres Retreat and is charged separately.
To be an Angels of Awakening practitioner you have to complete all nine workshops, this will give you the experience to “Find Your Wings and Fly” and give you your Angels of Awakening Ascension Process Certification.

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