Holistic Treatments and Therapies

Holistic Treatments and Therapies

Available to you at the Daisy Centres Retreat are a variety of holistic therapies and workshops. We also offer the Angel of Awakening Ascension Process channelled by Daisy Foss from the Angels of Atlantis which will take you on a journey of self discovery and transformation.

In addition Daisy offers attunements to Angels of Awakening Reiki as well as one to one sessions of all the modalities she practises, especially Vortex Healing® from Merlin's Linage. If you feel you are ready to take the next step on your path or feel you would like to deepen your angelic connection then this is for you. You may just need a place to retreat, relax and rest and unwind.

Therapies & Healing Sessions with Daisy Foss

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

All of the advanced healing techniques Daisy uses can help emotional and physical issues by releasing fears and karmic blockages. On all levels this is a complete therapy session for mind, body & soul. Whether the illness or disease is in the early stages, minor, chronic or acute, VortexHealing® gets to the core root and has quite outstanding results. Testimonies of Daisy's work, amongst the many satisfied clients are those with Cancer, Psoriasis, Ovarian Cysts, Fertility Problems, Post Natal Depression, ME, Weight Problems, Bereavement, Divorce Issues, Broken Bones and Sports Injuries, Smoking, Drug and Chocolate Addictions and many more. Sometimes you just don't feel right and want to feel better, this is the time to let Daisy "perk up your petals" and help you to "heal from the inside out"


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VortexHealing® Unwinding the Facia

Daisy works hands-on with the tissue of your body, in particular the fascia, also known as connective tissue. The idea is to make you more comfortable with your body and more aligned with it, therefore more in tune with what is happening in it. Fascia Unwinding is especially good for aches, pains and sprains. All physical traumas, spine and back issues are helped by working directly with the tissue to 'unwind' the energetic patterns held there.

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Angels of Awakening Process, Attunements & Reiki

Remember the gifts and radiant light that birthed the Golden Age of Atlantis. The Angels and Ascended Masters who were in Atlantis at the seeding of humanity are now helping us to awaken to our original co creation from source.

Angels of Awakening Reiki© an electromagnetic vibrational energy is transferred through the practitioner's hands when the hands are placed on or above the physical body. The practitioner is a conduit of the Angels of Awakening Reiki© energy matrix, receiving and transferring it on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and karmic levels. The practitioner uses the Angels of Awakening Reiki© sacred symbols, which allow the energy to come forward in a focused manner and open access to the high vibratory love frequencies.

The practitioner works in partnership with the recipient's conscious intent, higher self, angelic guides and the universal Source of love.The amount of energy received and integrated by the individual will be exactly that which will best serve his or her highest good at that particular moment in time. An Angels of Awakening Reiki© session may be given in person or through distance healing.

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Angels of Awakening Oracle Card Reading

The AOA cards have 36 lessons of Love Life & Creation messages, all channelled for help at this time and a reconnection with the Spiritual laws of the Universe.

With Daisy's intuitive interpretation of the cards, you can ask the Angels to give you guidance for any other problems that you may have.

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