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The Daisy centre is a beautiful place to stay

For those who would like to stay somewhere tranquil when exploring one of England's most famous and interesting historic towns, then look no further than this beautiful, peaceful and tastefully done angelic (literally) healing retreat and bed & breakfast, right in the centre of Glastonbury.

The Daisy Centre is a beautiful place to stay and you will be happy not only staying there as a base to explore the exciting area of Glastonbury which has a lot of outdoor attractions within a short walking distance including Glastonbury Abbey, The Glastonbury Tor, The Chalice Well & Gardens and The White Spring, but also just being in such a pretty, sunny environment.

To begin with, the owners, Daisy and Paul Foss are kind, friendly and positive people who make everyone that stay there feel welcome. Within the property, there are 6 bedrooms, all in white with beautiful angels everywhere and there is also an angels healing room and a healing music room outside, plus a beautiful English country garden, and all is walled in so that when you are at the Daisy Centre you have the wonderful luxury of feeling that you are, as the site mentions, in a special retreat a place of quiet, beauty and sunshine so that if you don't feel like exploring you can have a quiet and peaceful time there.

The Centre has been decorated by Daisy and it has lots of beautiful angel pictures, wall hangings (fantastically done by Daisy), carvings and more throughout the house. Happily, it is also a spotlessly clean property and there are also interesting books that you can read if you want to relax at the Centre.

Highly recommended for any length of stay. Rooms are clean, tranquil and tend to be sunny. Also, located at the top of the High Street and very easy to get anywhere and also to find once you know where it is.
Alexa Williamson, The London Reviewer

The Daisy centre is a delightful place to stay

I experienced 3 miracles even before the end of breakfast! Not surprising since angelic healing light surrounds the place in the forms of Daisy and her husband. Any difficulties melted way, and the key was compassion and kindness.
Amber Nisbett 02.08.12

A great big thank you, with much love from Daisy x

I humbly say "Bless you" to all those who write, email or text a testimony to my work.

I love what I do, I am living my dream. I am never absolutely sure how it will turn out once you leave my space; I trust all will be well in Divine Order. So it is wonderful to receive a message with feedback, full of joy and gratitude. Do let me know how you feel and how a healing, workshop or retreat has been for you. It is lovely to hear how it has enhanced your wellbeing, let me know on info@daisycentres.com.

Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat

Hi Daisy,

Go girl Go!! Ilove getting your newsletter — you're most recent arrived this morning. What an amazing couple of years you've had. Glastonbury has taken off — you seem to be riding on the crest of a wave.

I want to thank you for your referrals to Michelle Eloff — her Kuthumi's channelling are totally inspiring, and her knowledge of Medieval Astrology explains it all. Mercury retrograde has been challenging!! How would I find out more about the Venus retrograde? What a guiding and guardian angel you've been to me. Thank you.

Hi Daisy,

I can't believe how quickly time has flown since I was in Glastonbury and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our time with you and thank you for all that you did for us. I am feeling very drawn to returning to Glastonbury quite soon so watch this space!!

I would like to join you for the celebration on 21.12.2008 and will be flying from Egypt to NZ so it would be a perfect time to do the meditation as long as I can calculate the time correctly which I am sure the angels will help me do, so could you please allocate me number and send the meditation.
Love and light, Helen

Daisy, I just wanted you to know what a nice time I had in Glastonbury. Claire is just wonderful, cheerful, helpful and a delight to be around. You are lucky you have her. She made my stay extra special. All blessings upon both of you.
Prudence Spink

May the joy and light that you bring to this site radiate infinitely to nurture the potential of all?

In the beginning was the house. In the future it becomes the home — the house of healing — the Daisy Centre. May blessings flow, may love radiate. May all be uplifted as they blow through this place? May peace fill all our beings and bless the lines through this place.
Ammaprema Grace

Wonderful to meet you and greetings with your special home may it be your dream home always in the light of love and abundance?

Feeling free in the Daisy Centre.

Wonderful, calm feeling in this house, I think you will be at peace and happy here.

It feels right...!

Enjoy the Heart of this new centre and those within it. Love and blessings to all who come here. I share your excitement.

A wonderful start to the New Year, with wonderful friends, in a wonderful house. Perfection!

On this Sunday morning I awoke to the sound of church bells in the Michael room — yippee — I celebrate the fact that I was your first guest. Wishing you both success and happiness at this place.

Two spiritual mediums who have spent a wonderful evening at this lovely centre. All love and best wishes for the future!
Colin & Helen

A wonderful gong session, very powerful. The laughter at the end was very grounding as well as fun.

Beautiful. Dreams manifest. An oasis of peace. Pure white light. Visualising a huge Smokey-citrine (self cleansing) generator under the earth here.

Beautiful & inspiring fantastic gong. Thank you.

Beautiful retreat angel centre. Thank you for a lovely evening. Fantastic gong and bowls. Om shanti.

An amazing evening of divine gong energy! A truly inspiring angel space! Thank you to all who shared!

Lovely venue. Blessings for the future.

Very peaceful, a lovely place for rest, rebalance. Very welcoming. Thank you.
Natalie & Otis

Wonderful, peaceful energy; all the white made us feel like we'd entered a sacred portal! Thank you for your hospitality — looking forward to our next visit — all the best in the future!
Natasha & Naima

A true Glastonbury experience. Very memorable. I'm sure the scent of Daisy will linger for a long while in my memory.

I forgot to write in the visitors book last weekend: Thank you for the friendly welcome and for making us feel so at home. It was lovely to meet you all. You have a wonderful place. I will recommend it. Enjoy the wedding at the weekend :o)
Catherine Richmond

Angels of Awakening

Angels of Awakening - Retreat Weekend

Hi Daisy

Thanks for the preview of the weekends which sound really wonderful but at the moment will not be able to fit them in as have other things planned.

You may remember I came to the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury 'just for a rest, no courses' — ha ha. I feel it was all meant to be, after all there is no such thing as chance, and the interest in Vortex Healing just became stronger so I have booked onto a course in March in London. It feels so right. You as a person were a great influence and you certainly let your light shine.

I hope it all goes well for you.
Cheryl Pearce

Halo Angel,

When Michael comes home tonight we are all going to say this together I had a lovely ceremony with the boys just before lunch so charming called in all the angels of awakening and lit the candles and brought in some Crystals and money plants!!!

Thank you for showing me how to work with the A O A
Hugs and love gxxx


A good friend of mine has leant me your Angels of Awakening book which I have fallen in love with! I would love to buy a copy for myself and would also like the oracle cards that go with it but see they're out of stock. When do you think they'll be back in? I think it would be better for postage costs if I waited to get both at the same time.

Best wishes

Angels of Awakening & Alpha Omega Zenith Healing

Dear Daisy,

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me on my new life journey. What you have helped me achieve has truly changed my life — as you know.

A wonderful Christmas to you and you family. Look forward to seeing you early in the New Year.

Lots of love
Fi xx

Vortex Healing®

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Its Andrea, I came with Jenny last Monday-Wednesday? Huge hug to you all, and wishing you all a fab 2009!

I just wanted to say massive thanks for a beautiful time at daisy centre, sooooo overwhelmed with all ya friendly smiles and energy. We really appreciate it, and needed it. I'm glad I was guided and listened to going to your place, just what the doctor would order, hee heeee.

Daisy, I was telling jenny about the vortex healing on the way back in the car, and we laughed, as she too thought when you mentioned a few times the word jewel, she also like me thought you were saying- meaning dual, like some form of double strength healing hee heeee. Never thought for one sec, JEWEL.

I will defiantly be seeing you again in Mortlake for top ups hun, feel blessed have found a regular healer can use now who I think is fab!!! and soooooo local woooo - hoooo !!!

My healing and reading was super, really moved me, sooo much so couldn't keep back the tears telling Jenny all about it in car going home that day. Was great, still letting it out, carrying the healing on which you said would happen, wouldn't end in the room there and then. And....since leaving you I breath more, better hee heeee you will be pleased to hear. I needed to know, hear that. It's always me telling people, helping guiding etc, but this time was me having it done .

Anyways, THANK YOU again for me and my friend.

And Claire do please pop in the shop when its opened soooooon, will give you details when opening, email you like promised, would be soooo lovely to see ya face, smile and fab energy- you are awesome sweetie, come have look around, have a cuppa, chat and a hug hun !!! All the best every one, see you at some point.
Daisy xxx Andrea xxx

Hello Daisy,

Thank you once again for a tremendous session last week. I felt "I" had been in a sacred wedding ceremony with my higher self.

I did "collapse" and slept the deepest sleep in my life as though I had been under an anaesthetic. The next day I had considerable lower back pain which felt totally natural given the realignment taking place from the shifts of the day before. I needed to rest most of the day. A friend said to me that I was having labour pains!

I am writing regularly in my journal and not forcing or pushing the process of the book's birth.

Just for your information, my shaman, Dr Wesley Morris in Kingston, Jamaica, has been having distance Vortex healing sessions with Nathan Whiteside of California: http://www.healingforthesoul.com/

I have given your details to a few people already so your phone should be ringing!

Look forward to meeting you again very soon.

With best wishes

Halo Angels Reiki

Dear Angel,

Hope you are well. Thank you one more time for being so special and for showing me the light in my life.
Bless you Agos

Dearest Daisy,

Just wanted to tell you that I just had the most amazing experience...been going through a lot emotional stuff over the last few months and needed an outburst (final...hopefully...)..and I just had it and I think I finally understand something amazing now, which is so simple, yet so profound. It is that we have to FEEL, we have to open ourselves up with every pore of your body and soul to love, and we don't because we have so much pain that we don't want to and don't dare to feel so we block ourselves off and because of that we also block ourselves off from feeling all the love that there is in the world, from the divine, from everyone, from yourself, your own soul and from everyone that is helping you and looking after you...anyway, you probably think I've gone mad, I'm sitting here crying, laughing, smiling all at the same time and I feel so free!!! It's like I can fly...he he. Just wanted to tell you, as I want to tell everyone that you just need to open yourself up to that feeling in every cell of your body, first it hurts as all the pain need to come out but when it has, it is the most profound feeling of joy and of love and it is such a relief...finally connected to everyone and everything....universal love ....this must be what it feels like, at least the beginning of it...A lot of you know this already, but I just wanted to share it after the workshop at the weekend.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of those who are in my life at the moment as we're all helping each other to get there. Ironically I finally managed to get to this outburst after cleaning out my body (had all this emotional stuff in my sacral/stomach area and had a colonic today — yep, had to be done and have also been detoxing as I have realised a lot of the pain and memories are actually sitting in the internal organs). Damian's God stream activation and his workshop this weekend was clearly profound in bringing it in. It's all about anchoring your connection to the divine and your soul into and through your physical body. James Blunt's CD also helped!! Recommend it.. Sending you lots of love and hope that you can experience it to.
Hege Salvesen xxx

Kate Avard after a money meditation session

Hi Daisy,

Well, since I saw you this afternoon I am no longer denying myself what I deserve or what is rightfully mine. I am on fire, very focussed and working hard to get 100 emails out tonight before I leave....and it feels fantastic. Thank you....you rock! Still an excited kid. I feel like I'm on speed, without the drugs.
K xx

Angel workshop,

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day. It was very meaningful and full of things I have to now contemplate and integrate.

Today has been a bliss out day. Lunch time, we sat in at an outside cafe. Half way thru the lunch, I notice that we are sitting in a place called, Ye Angel Gate House! Shops said No 1 Angel Gate, Angel hats etc. !!! : )

So, thanks again for the service you do. And I wish you all the best on your path.

In gratitude and honor.