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Daisy Matrix© Hologram Prints & Flower of Life

Angels of Awakening© Products Limited First Edition Book: Daisy's Original Oracle Cards

Alchemysts of Sound Original music and meditations: Angel & The Alchemyst

Art of Sacred Geometry:
Louise Bellairs

Angels, Crystals, Wands Sprays & Essences & Sun Catchers

Angel Gypsy Art:
Jewelz Merlina

Daisy Centres is the Centre of the Daisy, the Daisy Matrix©, the Flower of Life. The Daisy Matrix© Hologram acts as trigger to activate your sacred geometry. Our Daisy Matrix Sphere workshops explain and connect you to your light body. This enables you to awakening you to your true self, healing the emotional body spheres on all levels.

We have the Angels of Awakening range which includes Daisy's book and oracle cards. The Lessons of love, Life & Creation cards are on your pillow for guidance during the night. The Angelic Wishes oracle cards are waiting for you on the breakfast table when you stay with us.

The music we play every day in the Sanctuary and during any healing sessions and ceremonies is the music of the Alchemysts of Sound, composed, written and performed by Paul Foss, Lui Krieg and Marcus Dalmeida.

We are so lucky to have the Art of Sacred Geometry lovingly created by Louise Bellairs. There is a different image of the Flower of Life art in each of our bedrooms, Sanctuary and Archangel Gabriel room.

Crystal, Sprays & Essences play a significant part in our journey towards ascension. We have access to many crystals in Glastonbury; the ones we use in all our meditations are the Pocket Angels in all shapes and sizes.

Angel Gypsy Art by Jewelz Merlina is to be found in the Conservatory, to be enjoyed as you have breakfast.

I am delighted with this refreshing new style of art from a true artist who paints in the moment with free abandonment. The original unique pictures are painted directly onto theatre boards recycled from Pilton Music Festival.

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