Daisy Foss Angelic Dream Wizard

Do you have an issue in your life that you just can't shift?

Although you can see the pattern you don't seem to be able to do anything about it.

It is time for a positive change! If you feel stuck, if you are depressed, and if you are stressed or have any emotional or physical issues, let Daisy help you to make that change.

During a relaxing session of healing she will release you from any ties that bind you and begin you on a new journey of self-discovery that will change your life. Facia unwinding is especially effective on physical injuries.

Typical session

Consultations are either by email, telephone, Skype, or face to face. Daisy has clients all over the world, including Australia, Barbados, Canada and the USA. It's a big place, yet communication is so easy now.

During your first consultation we focus and pinpoint the reason for your visit, often we discover the issue is not what you expect it to be.

Daisy asks you to lie down, fully clothed on your back on her very comfortable purple "Healing Bed". She will then scan your body energetically to establish any energy blocks or emotional hot spots. Once the problem has been ascertained she will place her hands on your head, and the "Channelling of the Divine Light" will begin. If there is a particular reason for your visit, a broken arm, bereavement, postnatal depression or any other issue to resolve, Daisy will place her hands on the Chakra or the place on the physical body where the healing is required most. You may feel a warm tingling sensation or her hands may be cold, it is a unique experience every time.

The treatment will last one hour, unless you want to combine VortexHealing® and Facia unwinding for a 90 minute session. If you have a deeper issue to resolve it may take longer, in those instances we make another appointment as the physical body can only take in as much as can be integrated at one time.

The Healing Session does not end when you leave the Healing Room, it will continue to integrate and "stuff" may come up, this is all to be expected as the issue clears through your system. If this happens, call Daisy for another appointment or just a chat.

Often your "What's the Matter" has taken years to form and manifest into the physical, emotional and mental body. So it does require an investment of your time and money to resolve and release the core patterning and ripen your whole system for you to feel renewed with positive energy, healthy and happy.

Gift vouchers

When you feel better than you have for ages, and happier than you can ever remember, it's lovely to share that feeling with your friends and family.

Do you know someone who can't cope on their own and can't afford to take care of themselves, because there is always something else much more important to spend their hard earned money on? If you do gift them a treatment with Daisy, it can be one hour or a series, depending on their "matter".

The Gift vouchers can be for any amount and are valid for one year.

You can buy after your healing session or by email telephone or Skype.

Cost ~ "A session with Daisy is priceless" Ginny from Richmond

Daisy charges the same price for all her healing modalities, in person by email, telephone or Skype. There are some problems that are best helped "face to face" and some take longer than others.

The first appointment of Vortex Healing at Multi Dimensional Jewel level requires a bit of background knowledge, the price for this is £70.

A subsequent 60 minute or Multiple Healing sessions are £65.

Multiple sessions as a member are £60.00 an hour.

Facia unwinding and Vortex Healing® is especially effective on physical injuries ~ a 90 min appointment will be £105.

Absent Vortex Healing is available at £65, 10 half hours regular sessions are £300
Oracle Card readings are £60 an hour or £65 with Angel Healing.
An Angel of Awakening Attunement is £65
Members receive 10% discount.


Healing Therapies and Attunements are available in person or universally by distance healing, Telephone or Skype
The Daisy Centre Healing Retreat at 6 Church Lane, Glastonbury
Travel Information
By Air: London Heathrow or Bristol Airport.
By Train: From Paddington Station London to either Castle Cary or Bristol Temple Meads. There is a frequent bus service from Bristol the number is 376 or the Taxi will cost you approx £40. The taxi service from Castle Cary is approx £25.
By Car: follow signs to Street and Glastonbury from A303. From M5 take J21 to Glastonbury.

The Daisy Centre London ~ 67 First Avenue, London SW14 8SP
By Air: London Heathrow.
By Train: From Waterloo to Mortlake or Barnes Bridge railway station
By Underground: Circle line or District line to Hammersmith
By Bus: There is a frequent bus service from Hammersmith the number is 209 or 419 or the Taxi will cost you approx £12
By Car: From Putney follow the south circular A205 to Richmond, turn right at Priests Bridge. Over the level crossing and turn immediately left and then turn right. We are on the corner. From Hammersmith over the Bridge turn right to Lonsdale road, straight on until the mini roundabout, turn right along the river to next mini roundabout, go straight across and then turn immediately left into First Avenue. We are at the end on the left.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing® is a Divine healing art from the Merlin lineage, designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body, and awaken spirit within the human heart.

This advanced healing technique is a powerful yet gentle, non invasive way to transform the emotional, physical & spiritual bodies, from the Merlin Lineage. Try this truly Magical Healing with Divine Consciousness at Multi Dimensional Jewel level for all issues that affect your well being. Another element that makes VortexHealing® so powerful is that it is taught through a process called "direct consciousness transmission."

Daisy has completed all the classes up to date and is certificated up to Multi Dimensional Jewel level. These include all the 'Tools' Merlin has to provide including reality shifting. This advanced VortexHealing® technique can help with emotional and physical issues by releasing fears and Karmic blockages on all levels. Daisy is qualified in the following disciplines: VortexHealing Multi Frequency, Breaking Time Lines, Inter-dimensional, Life Form, Heart Freedom & Presence, Genetics, Sensing in the Body, OMEGA, Advanced Genetics, Karmic Body Release, Body of Merlin's Jewel, Advanced Sensing, Advanced Genetics, Essence & Divine Magic, Facia Unwinding Massage, Divine Doors, Presence and Vortex Healing Jewel 1 & 2.and Multi Dimensional Jewel level. A session with Daisy is a unique experience, suitable for anyone.

VortexHealing® Unwinding the Facia

Free Healing from www.vortexhealing.org
VortexHealing® is the registered trade mark of Ric Weinman. www.vortexhealing.org
Click for more info and Daisy's "Vortex Healing Story".

Angels of Awakening® Attunements

'I have always believed in Angels, fairies and the Supernatural. For a long time it was in hushed voices in secret meetings where these subjects were discussed and stories exchanged. Times have changed, now weird and magical experiences have become much more acceptable. I truly believe that I am blessed to live my dream of connecting to Merlin and The Angelic Realms on a daily basis.' ~ Angelic Blessings from Daisy Foss

Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed by anything in your life? Is everything out of sorts ~ you wish it would go with the flow and everything would feel easier? When was the last time you really asked for help ~ do you ask and feel that no one is listening?

Well you are not alone, you have your Guardian Angel, your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters all helping you, guiding you during your life. If you feel that you are ready to learn to read these signs and reconnect with your Guardian Angel, come and meet Daisy.
Click for more info and Daisy's "Angels of Awakening" story.

Angels of Awakening® Card Reading

With Daisy's intuitive interpretation of the cards, you can ask the Angels to give you guidance and answers to emotional, career or any other problem you have. This is a kind and gentle way to experience loving messages from the Angels. If matters arise during the reading, the Angels will help you understand and work through them during the session. Daisy uses Doreen Virtue's Angel Card sets and many other Oracle card sets.
For an Angels of Awakening Card reading, make a 40 minute appointment.
For an Angels of Awakening Card reading and Angel Therapy, make a 60 minute appointment.

Angels of Awakening Reiki® Try this gentle spiritual way of healing, incorporating all the popular universal chi energies of Sekhem Seichim and Usui Reiki healing for all your matters. This is a "hands on" physical method gifted by the Angels of Awakening Reiki masters.

Angels of Awakening Reiki is a gentle spiritual form of healing for all your matters. Enter a place of peace and tranquillity as you open your heart to the love that is the Universal Life-Force Energy and is yours by divine right. We invite the Angels of Awakening and the Archangels to bring their beautiful qualities to facilitate the healing. This will uplift and energise you and increase the flow of love, joy and abundance in your life.

For an Angels of Awakening Reiki Therapy Session, make a 60 minute appointment.
Concessions for multiple sessions


Clear your issues cognitively through the DNA, ancestry and genetic lines with Emotional Interference Patterning. Here Daisy uses a numbered system to distract your mental thoughts; we get right down to the core of the issue. Asking pertinent questions, whist held in a safe and relaxed state as you release through the DNA spirals. Especially good for those who are sceptical and those with problems that keep recurring and are persistent.

Magnified Healing®

Receive the channelled healing light from Kwan Yin and the God Most High of the Universe. Where your Spiritual centres are aligned and cleared, your nervous system awakened, rewired and sensitized. Also come for healing of your karma and expansion of the three fold flame in your heart. The reprogramming of the physical, emotional, spiritual and all other subtle bodies is allowed through the Light Workshop as an expression from the God Most High of the Universe. This is a very gentle and beautiful expression of graceful healing with Divine Mother healing energies, wonderful for Mothers and children.

Angels of Awakening Process
Angels of Awakening Release and Detox
Angels of Awakening Abundance
Angels of Awakening Reiki
Magnified Healing
Flower of Life