Angels of Awakening

Angels of Awakening


Angels of Awakening Ascension Process & Workshops

We have many Angel experiences at the Daisy Centres. An evening can just arise, if the circumstances are in Divine Order. The process, workshops and courses are all unique as the Angels will design them to fit the attendeešs requirements.

Your Guardian Angels will guide you on the most appropriate path on your spiritual journey. You will know by recognising the signs and coincidences that arise as you make your plans.

There is a gentle order to the Angel experience and teachings Daisy gives in her classes, workshops and the AOA process. It is the order set out below, however there are no hard and fast rules. If when you are first alerted to the Angels and there is an Angels of Awakening Reiki workshop the next day. Book on it! You most probably are more ready than you think!

The angels will never give you more than you can handle, sometimes one has to be pushed to know you can fly!

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