Daisy Foss Angelic Dream Wizard

Angels of Awakening Story

In 2001, Paul & I went on holiday to Skiathos in the Greek islands with our boys. It was a beautiful and idyllic island and we'd been there many times before. One morning we were going down onto Kriffie beach, which is a very beautiful beach, reached easily from the water, but a long climb down from the top. On that day we'd arranged to meet our friends there. We started to climb down the side of the mountain, it was very high and when we got half way down I turned and started to slip and to run out of the fall, when I got to about 30 foot from the bottom. It was then I realised I couldn't run any further, I was going so fast, I just hit the ground as I fell down the mountain side.

I just knew that my arm was broken, you could see it! I was in slowed motion and knew precisely what I had to do; I called the Angels for help. They came, in the form of feelings and knowing!

It felt very surreal, the Vortex Healing® just kicked in with the circular breathing, I was very calm. This voice in my head was saying "everything's going to be ok, breathe, don't move too much."

Walking slowly back up the mountainside, it was quite a climb, one step at a time and I remember asking for help again. Paul put a cap on my head; he had his hand in the centre of my back. It felt like my elbows were being held by the angels, don't forget one of them was broken and Paul couldn't touch that arm at all. I felt supported and it was almost as if I glided up to the top of the side of the mountain to where our friend's car was parked. She drove us to the town centre which was two hours away from Kriffie Beach. When we got there it was a health centre not a hospital and the x-ray machines were closed until the morning.

Early that evening I just wanted to sleep; I was alone in the room. There was this massive bright light at the end of the bed. I thought the bathroom light was on, or there was a light on outside. I couldn't move myself, so I just kept talking to the angels, I didn't know who they were, I just kept saying 'Angels, help me, help me, help me'. I went to sleep and was up very early in the morning, the room was still light, and I didn't think anything more of it. When I spoke to Paul and asked him why he had left the light on all night? He said there is no light outside the door and he didn't leave the bathroom light on. I was intrigued as to why this light at the end of my bed had been so bright.

The second night I went to sleep, the light was still there. Paul assured me there was no light on outside the window. The room was filled with this light coming from the end of the bed. I asked the light who it was and the light said 'I'm your angel and you're going to be ok'. My guardian angel said 'my name is Merlina; I'm your guardian angel'.

Half way through the evening, I remember being half asleep, half awake and I just said, I want this fixed, I cannot be and won't be a victim, I don't want to be an invalid, I don't want there to be any lasting damage please fix it. I awoke to a vision of my arm being pulled and the bone being pulled straight, it was overlapped by one inch. The overlapped bone was pulled out by Merlin. Then with a very blue white light like a welding iron he pointed it at the overlapped bone and encircled it around the bone, fixing the bond and mending the bone. Then Merlin sent the healing all through the tendons, muscles and connective tissues. The Vortex Healing® was going into my head and making my head un-jangled and smoother, it was very swollen and it hurt. I remember in the vision thanking Merlin and him saying that's ok and thinking nothing else of it.

When we got back to England, The x-ray from Kingston hospital showed the arm bone was now pulled tight and there wasn't a break, it had mended! The consultant looked at it and said' Wooooooo! That doesn't happen very often!' I wanted to see it, I couldn't believe my eyes! I told him about what I had seen in my vision, that Merlin had pulled the bone straight and he'd welded it together and it had all been in my dream. He said "I don't care what you do, stand in the corner and pour pepper on your head! If it works and you believe it fantastic!" He was a very cool consultant.

The Angels in Skiathos were the opening of my direct contact with Merlina. Who is gate keeper to all of the other Angel realms that I work with now, or who come through me or come to me and shine their light. It was the start of something that at the time I had no idea how big the impact would have on my life. I knew my life was changing, I remember a friend of mine sending me a bumper sticker that said 'sometimes you have to be pushed to know you can fly' how very apt!

In 2002, a year after the fall, I was very wobbly, I had concussion and I was numb from my waist downwards. I was meditating and practicing Vortex Healing® every day. I would wake up in the morning and use the technique of 'morning pages' to write about my thoughts and fears. I would spend most of the morning healing, centring myself and getting myself together. I realised after a few months that I was actually talking and communicating with Merlina, my Guardian Angel on a daily basis.

The anger that I felt as a result of the fall was dissipating and the ideas were flowing fast. On one particular day the morning pages were 13 pages long and I realised afterwards they were the business plan for the Daisy Centre. They contained the logo and all the things that the Angels were guiding me to do. This included; To open a centre called the Daisy Centre with the logo as a big floppy daisy, to write a book, to make CDs, hold workshops and conferences, take groups to Egypt and other sacred sites around the world and to become an International Angelologist, with Daisy Centres all around the world. It was a full circle eventually bringing me back to being a TV presenter, but this time talking about my Angels and their product range.

After that download, that's when the fun really began I had a mission. I was still healing from the fall, reading lots of books and taking every class I could, such as the Flower of Life, Reiki. Magnified Healing, all the Vortex Healing® classes available to me at that time, I think it was 5 in all, every month I improved.

In January 2003 I was fit enough to start work part time. I started at Presents and Presence in Richmond, a well established centre for all esoteric, angels and spiritual knowledge. It was a fascinating book and gift store where I gave Angel card readings and Vortex Healing ® treatments for the next for 2 years. I really loved working with Peggy O'Hare, the owner who taught me a lot and introduced me to a lot of wonderful people; I bless her every time I think of her.

In March 2003 I went to Egypt on a sacred journey with lots of other people and the connection to the Angels just grew. I learnt allot about myself and Paul! On the first day we went to Mount Sinai to climb to the chapel on the top called St Catherine's. It was a particularly hairy camel ride and by the time we had reached the top and come down again, Paul had asked me to marry him. Then the Angels really set about guiding us and helping us they were everywhere, it was really funny!

We continued our sacred journey down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and the group was very excited at the prospect of a sacred wedding. It was amazing how everything just appeared; one lady had a daisy sari, one had shoes with daisies on. Paul asked his Angels for the right clothes to wear as he hadn't actually bought anything suitable. We were on the boat and there were little traders in the water, about 30-40ft below us and he held out his hand and said to one of the traders 'do you have a Galabeya suitable for my wedding?' This trader threw it from the boat into his hand and it was sapphire blue and white, with gold trimmings and absolutely perfect Instant Angel manifestation.

We continued on the boat, by the last stop before Aswan the only thing we hadn't got were flowers. Every Egyptian we spoke to looked at us as if we were mad when we asked for them! Cut flowers die in the heat, so it is just not done. We asked the Angels for help at Komba Temple. We had already visited many times before but this time when we got off the boat there was a big sign saying 'flower garden'. We went into the flower garden and all the trees and bushes were filled with white acacia flowers. A man saw us looking at them and started to take them down for us. He made me a beautiful bouquet from them, we paid him 'bucksheesh' as a tip and then he ran away! We realised that they weren't his flowers to sell! We figured that we couldn't put them back on the trees, they must have been a gift from the Angels. The Captain of our cruiser was so impressed we had found some white cut flowers he put them in the fridge over night.

We were married the next morning at sunrise at the Temple of Philae, home to Isis, the Goddess of Love. We were with 44 of our dear friends in Trajan's Kiosk overlooking the Nile for an amazingly sacred ceremony. Everywhere you looked there were white feathers, a definite sign from the Angels. When we got back to England we had our official wedding, where once again the Angels provided and manifested everything we required, it was truly magical.

2004 was the year I gathered as much information as I could about Angels, I was still communicating with Merlina on a daily basis. I saw Doreen Virtue a few times and learnt about Diana Cooper's ascension course. I started to run my own Angel workshops and made my first angel CD. It was a year of consolidation and formulating my first book. I continued to learn as much Vortex Healing® as I could. At the end of 2004, just before Christmas I met Damien Nola who was 26 years old and had a direct channel to his Angel, Elon.

Early 2005 Paul and I arranged to go to Egypt with Damien and 10 other people on a sacred journey through the temples of Egypt into the great pyramids in Cairo. We specifically went to meet with Hakim Awyam, my spiritual teacher of Khemition history, pre pharonic knowledge of the Giza Plateau. During our trip the transformation of the group was astounding. We collected keys and codes and really connected with our Angelic self. By the time we got to the great pyramid at the end of the ten days we were totally transformed. Although I had been in the pyramid on many occasions over the past seven years, when we went into the pyramid this time the Angels truly were there to meet us. It was during this encounter that the energies of the Alpha, Omega and Zenith Healing Angels (AOZ) appeared. These angels are from the 13th dimension and they are the Zenith Angels. This was the beginning of a wonderful association with Alpha, Omega, and Zenith Healing Angels. Elon was our channelled guide, with his help we set up AOZ Healing and ran three workshops. We made 12 guided meditation CD's of Elon's cutting edge channelling, they are full of wonderful teachings and attunements.

In May I came to Glastonbury fleetingly on my way to a workshop in Frome, when I met Doreen Virtue and her husband Steven Farmer in the High Street. I had seen her the previous Sunday at her workshop in London and she remembered me. I asked her if there was any chance of joining her Angel Camp at short notice, she said 'yes! Come along!' I duly turned up at 7am on Monday morning to be the first in the queue, when the doors opened at 9am I was the first one in, although I didn't have a ticket. They told me to stand at the side and wait. After 1.5 hours they eventually said that I could come in. It was a week of Doreen Virtue teachings, a very interesting and wonderful week; I met some wonderful angel friends. The course confirmed much of what I already knew as well as learning much more. At the end I qualified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®. I was still working with the AOZ Angels. In July I came to Glastonbury again to be ordained as a Reverend in the Madonna Ministry®, a church without walls. It was on the Lion Gateway day, which has a very big connection to Egypt. On the way home I was talking to my crystal Marina and she said 'why don't you buy a house in Glastonbury?' When I got home at 2am in the morning and conveyed that to Paul he said 'hows Marina going to pay for it?'

The next day we looked on the internet and saw the house in Church Lane that was to become the Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat in Glastonbury. We came to have a look on Friday morning, two days later and the agents said it had been taken off the market. We left a note for the owner to say we were still interested. She rang me later and asked me what I did I told her I was an Angelologist and I connected people with their Guardian Angels. She asked me how I knew if there were Guardian Angels around and I told her that there were normally lots of white feathers. At which point she sat down and went very white and said 'you're never going to believe this! My husband found a white feather in his breakfast this morning and asked what it meant! He put it in his top pocket and went to work.' I said that his Angel obviously had a message for him.

We loved the house and arranged to come back at 7pm that night. When we met her husband he beamed as he walked towards me, pulling the feather out of his top pocket, he'd had it there all day! By 7:30pm that night we had made arrangements to buy the Daisy Centre. It was a truly Angelic encounter, yet there were still many things to sort out before we moved in.

By September Vortex Healing ® had arranged for an 'Energetic Journey to Egypt' for 10 days, I went on it with about 30 other Vortex Healers ®. It was all about the divine masculine and the divine feminine coming together as one. During our stay in Luxor we had a ceremony where eight divine beings came to earth through three of us in the group, of which I was one. The energy of these beings was incredible and they were here for healing the earth. When the Vortex Healing ® trip ended in Cairo my group arrived for another ten day Angelic Sacred Journey. Paul, Damien and twenty others all gathered and we went around the same temples, this time with the Angels. Culminating our journey in the Great Pyramid in Cairo. This time the Alpha, Omega and Zenith Healing Angels revealed themselves to be the Angels of Awakening. It was at this time that Elon ascended. Damien is now known as Shekhinah Melchizedek.

The Angels of Awakening channelled through me, I was creative writing every evening from 10pm until midnight , the 'Angels of Awakening, Lessons of Love, Life & Creation' birthed over a period of six weeks. My friend Laraine Krantz who had been on the Egyptian journey when Paul & I were married, took the photographs of stone angels to co- create the book.

On March 11 2006 the Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat was officially opened and the Angels message to me was 'build it and they shall come' a quote from the film, Field of Dreams. Everything in the Daisy Centres just fell into place. Paul and I were amazed how much had been waiting to come from our garage, our house and our friends houses. It was as if the Daisy Centre had been building on the etheric since 2002. The Angels really helped us that first year, I asked the Angels for the perfect house keeper, one who lived close by, who had leisure industry experience and knew about Angels. I was driving from London every Friday for the first few months to meet the guests and on one particular day I was waiting for a lady and another lady walked in who was to be our first house keeper. She lived on the other side of the car park, she'd spent a life time working in hotels and attended Doreen Virtues Angel Therapy Practioner workshop in Australia perfect! Just what I'd asked the Angels to provide. There were many Angelic stories in that first year, just to confirm that we were really meant to be here.

By November the Angels of Awakening book, Lessons of Love, Life & Creation was ready and we launched it at the world famous Atlantis book shop in London. It was so exciting to finally see it in print. We sold quite a few copies and are still doing so. The Angels were very clear that it had to be a 10inch, square hard back and that it had to be in black and white. This represents the yin and the yang, the male and female, the alpha and the omega.

In May 2007 the Daisy Centres was going very well. The workshops were coming along and I was reintroduced to Damanhur, an eco society based in Italy. It is a phenomenal experience and Paul & I went with some friends to the full moon ceremony. Damanhur is a closed community who welcomes guests and have a great deal of ancient esoteric knowledge to share. By the autumn equinox we took a group with us to experience their ceremonies, it was a sacred journey. We slept and stayed the night in the temple and the Hall of Spheres.

In December 2007 we held our first Angel Conference in conjunction with Wizard Well Being. We were really pleased to have Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Collins as our main guest speakers, along with myself, Jayn Lee Miller and a few others.

2008. By now the Daisy Centres was really feeling like a well established centre and we had guests coming from all over the world. The word has got out and the Angels are certainly spreading the news. This year we birthed the Angels of Awakening Process, a series of four workshops based on the book, teaching the universal spiritual laws. Those people that started the process transformed themselves quite quickly. It was a joy to see. Ruth had joined us as our housekeeper, sent by the Angels to take the centre to the next level.

We continued our liaison with Damanhur and took the first year of the mystery school which we thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a great deal from. The main thing it really taught us though was not to be distracted from our path. On our return I started to write articles for magazines and to consolidate the Angels of Awakening range. Merlina was still very vociferous and I was continuing to live and work in both London & Glastonbury. The pathway along the A303 was filled with Angel light, I call it the Lay303! A lay line to Avalon. It was as if I got in my car at one end and just arrived in the blink of an eye at the other. At this time Claire came as a guest with her friend as a birthday gift and treated themselves to a pampering weekend of Angel card readings, Vortex Healings and EIP sessions. This was a direct result from Claire reading the Soul & Spirit magazine and the article on the Daisy Centre in the third issue. Whilst she was here I had struggled to get my newsletter together to give them to take it home with them and in it I was thanking Ruth my PA, personal angel and Claire said 'does that mean you need a PA? I'm a PA!' she moved in to the Daisy Centres and started work the following week.

We had our second Angel conference in 2008, this time William Bloom was our main guest speaker, I spoke again on the Angels of Awakening and Jayn Lee Miller sang a beautiful song. In 2009 my grandson was born, it was wonderful transforming to the next stage in my life ~ Grandmother! We had a stand at the Mind Body and Soul Exhibition at Kempton Park with Shirley Ann & Ruth meeting and greeting everybody. It was lovely to reconnect to lots of previous guests and clients as they came to our stand, we had a wonderful response. The summer months were our busiest yet, with lots of international groups and visitors staying at the centre. Peter Sterling the international harpist who played at Doreen Virtues workshops stayed and we went to the crop circles together. My oracle cards were launched in the October issue of Soul & Spirit magazine. I continued to write articles for magazines, Soul & Spirit, High Spirit and Connections. 2010 year started very well, we had a meditation at midnight on New Year's Eve and the Angels came. They were from all seven realms that I work with. The energy portal of 01.01.10 was very strong. The message was very clear ~ "Be very present, in the moment. Allow everything to arise and be very flexible".

Then the snow fell! It was the heaviest fall for 25 years. Glastonbury looked gorgeous all dressed in white! The next 3 weeks all our plans had to change as our guests were snowed in and out of their homes. I took the Angels advice and converted most of my Angel and Vortex Healing® to telephone and Skype appointments, it is a very good alternative way of receiving healing.

It is all very exciting, I have launched my 2nd new set of Oracle cards, Angels of Awakening Angelic Wishes they are free with the January edition of Soul & Spirit Magazine, or you can buy them from the Daisy Centres for £4.99.

We have also launched my new CD Angels of Awakening Invocation this is £14.99. The CD features beautiful meditations to help you connect with the Angels of Awakening. These magnificent 'Angelic Beings of Light' are here to guide us and help us to fulfil all of our pure potential. It will help to harmonise and balance your chakras and contains the pearl of the heart meditation.

The year 2010 is the number of divine manifestation and unification; this year promises to be full of unknown surprises and mystery with three Ascended Masters watching over us. Lord Maitreya, the Christ whose number is 10, The Holy Spirit is number 20 and Ascended Master Lady Nada who's number is 3. As Edwin Courtenay says "these energies will be combining together in us, unifying to form the "Rose Gold Christ Fire" the unified flame! For many this will be the beginning of their awakening, for others the beginning of their ascension! It will be a time of return where the consciousness of humanity and the divine will join together as one ushering in an age of peace and unified spiritual truth, miracles and regeneration for the world! ... a very promising and potentially positive new year!"