Angels of Awakening


Daisy Foss ATP
Angelologist, Teacher, TV Presenter,
Founder of the Daisy Centres in London & Daisy Centres Angelic Healing Retreat in Glastonbury

Do you believe in Angels?
'I have always believed in Angels, fairies and the Supernatural. For a long time it was in hushed voices in secret meetings where these subjects were discussed and stories exchanged. Times have changed, now weird and magical experiences have become much more acceptable. I truly believe that I am blessed to live my dream of connecting to Merlin and The Angelic Realms on a daily basis.' ~ Angelic Blessings from Daisy Foss

Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed by everything in your life?
Is everything out of sorts? You wish life would go with the flow and everything would feel easier?
When was the last time you really asked for help? Do you ask and feel that no one is listening?

Well you are not alone, you have your Guardian Angels, your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters all helping you, guiding you during your life. If you feel that you are ready to learn to read these signs and reconnect with your Guardian Angel, come and meet Daisy.

Angels of Awakening Therapy is a gentle spiritual form of healing for all your matters. This is a 'hands on' physical method gifted by the Angelic Realms. Enter a place of peace and tranquillity as you open your heart to the love that is the Universal Life-Force Energy and is yours by divine right. We invite the Angels of Awakening and the Archangels to bring their beautiful qualities to facilitate the healing. This will uplift and energise you and increase the flow of love, joy and abundance in your life.

How to start on your Journey
You can start working with the Angels any way you choose. Ask for guidance and see what you are drawn to. You can come along to one of our evening meditations, or join us for an Angel Gathering Evening, Every month we will focus on a specific Archangel and acknowledge their unique gifts and qualities. We will link with all the angels and their healing powers. You will discover and tune in to your own Guardian Angel who can give you guidance in every area of your life. We will inspire you through a guided meditation and show you how to use Angel Cards, to learn Angel Exercises and how to activate your healing hands. An initiation will enable your mind, body and soul to be more open to healing.

To increase your knowledge and really get to know and transform yourself why not attend one of our one day workshops or sign up for the AoA Process or the Angelic transformational weekends at the Daisy Centres in Glastonbury.

There is no right or wrong way to connect with your Angels. It is all in divine order, for a fast track come on a Sacred Angelic Journey to Glastonbury or wherever else in the world we may be going!

Daisy has produced the Angels of Awakening range of products to help you on your journey. She hopes that you enjoy them as much as she loved collaborating with the Angels in making them.

"Find your wings and fly"