Angels of Awakening

Angels of Awakening


Angelic Crystal Healing

'Merlina' and 'Gaius' Daisy's Aquamarine crystals have colluded with 'Rosie' the beautiful Rose quartz crystal holding the 'Heart Energy' in the centre of her garden, to bring this Angelic Crystal Healing to the Daisy Centres.

Angelic Crystal Healing
- Daisy uses all her healing skills and various techniques to bring this unique healing art to life with amazing results.
- Calling in all the Angels
- Choosing the appropriate crystals
- A Multi Dimensional experience for your Mind Body and Soul.

Angelic Crystal Angel

Pocket Angel Collection
- They come in assorted sizes, available in Clear and Rose Quartz
- Prices vary depending on the size and quality.
- Postage and packing is £2.50 per order
- For example a 35mm Rose Quartz angel is approx 10
- Selenite & Rose quartz carved angel 2.5" is approx £40